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Wine pairing

What does pairing with wine consist of?

Pairing is understanding the reason behind the flavours; it’s striking the right balance between food and wine; it’s going with the flow and discovering a complete culinary experience.

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How to pair wine

To pair wine, you should consider its characteristics: acidity, alcohol content, tannins and sugar content. The combination of these will result in different types of wines that you can pair with different foods.

Pairing wine according to food type

Generally speaking and bearing in mind the type of wine, it’s advisable to pair:

  • White wine: fish, seafood, pasta, chicken, salads, rice dishes, etc.
  • Red wine: meat, roasts, rice dishes, cold meats, cheese, soups, etc.
  • Rosé wine: salads, smoked salmon, desserts, fruits, cheese, etc.