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Only for nature lovers

A walk through the vineyards – Ornithology Edition

Immersive Experience

If you enjoy nature walks, you will love this tour that we have prepared for the whole family. We will take a route around the area explaining biodiversity in the Penedѐs and its relationship with vineyards, accompanied by a biologist. This edition will be focused in ornithology. We will experience bird watching with and expert guide and we will be able to study the characteristics and behavior of the birds that inhabit our estate.

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An harmonic experience

Blending Workshop

If you feel like playing the oenologist and choosing the right combination of wines this is the activity for you! Bringing together in perfect harmony all the attributes of these different wines, creating a fine base wine which has all the necessary characteristics to maintain the aromas and flavours of the brand will be your task for the day!

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Segura Viudas

An authentic tour

Walk from Sant Sadurní to Segura Viudas

Unique Experience

If you enjoy nature walks, you will love this tour through the vineyards of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia and Torrelavit to the historic winery of Segura Viudas. You will get to know first-hand the landscape and biodiversity of the Penedès region, while tasting cavas from our cellar, or grape juice for children and non-alcohol drinkers.

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Just for wine-lovers

Visit with gastronomic brunch


This is only for the most gourmets! You have the opportunity to discover the winery and the surroundings where our cava is born and enjoy as well a local brunch paired with 5 our Wines and Cavas.

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Enjoy the unbeatable views

Traditional winery tour

Historic vineyards

Let’s discover our winery and the traditional proces of Cava! You will be able to know at first hand the vegetative cycle of the vineyard and enjoy of the unbeatable views of the Penedès and the Montserrat mountains.

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