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Pairing with cava

What does pairing with cava consist of?

Pairing with cava is not just pouring cava for a toast. It’s about devoting the time the bottle, the tradition and its production process all deserve making sure it is served with just the right food to strike the perfect note. In essence, it’s aspiring to a match made in heaven in terms of quality.

How to pair cava

To pair cava, it’s important to consider its type, which is defined by two aspects:

– Dosage: its sweetness level (from brut to sweet)
– Ageing: the amount of time the cava is aged in the bottle (from Joven to Gran Reserva)

Each type of cava lends itself to being paired with different foods on different occasions.

Maridar el cava según el tipo de comida

Cava can be paired with food in an endless number of ways, but generally speaking, these are the ones that best suit the different types of cavas:

  • Brut cava: appetisers, ham, cheese, salads, etc.
  • Brut nature cava: seafood, fish, meat, roasts, etc.
  • Rosé cava: sweets and desserts”