CavasEnjoy our selection

Discover the sophisticated cavas which we craft with passion at Segura Viudas, whilst remaining faithful to our commitment to biodiversity and agricultural tradition.

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CavasD.O Cava

Brut Reserva Heredad

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Hints of honey, fruit and petals make this cava the most iconic wine of Segura Viudas. Enjoy its delicate flavour with pasta, white fish, meat, hams or cheeses.

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CavasD.O Cava

Brut Reserva

Complex, elegant & versatile

Fruitiness, freshness and complexity are the three principal defining characteristics of Segura Viudas Brut Reserva.

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CavasD.O Cava

Brut Rosé

Fresh & sophisticated

Our Brut Rosé is a perfect example of what a Cava Rosado should be like, with its intense fruitiness on both nose and palate, its lively colour and its finesse.

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Still winesEnjoy our selection

We make a meticulous selection of the grapes used to make our still wines. Learn more about our delicious range of red, white and rosé wines.

Still winesRed wine


The Garnacha grape is ideal for making red wines. Wines that include this variety tend to be spicy with woody flavours and smooth on the palate. They have a high alcohol level.

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Still winesRosé wine


Merlot - Tempranillo

Our premium rosé wine is a blend of Tempranillo and Merlot grapes from vines that have been growing in Catalonia for many years.

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Still winesWhite wine


Sweet and aromatic

Xarel·lo is a white grape variety grown in Catalonia and used to make cava. The strong flavour of this wine has made it a favourite with many oenologists.

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