To build one of the most awarded Spanish brands in national and international tastings is not a matter of being lucky or in a hurry. Like in the vineyard, it is the result of a baggage of respect, innovation and improvement, which we are particularly proud of.

When in 1954 Segura Viudas gathered the evidence of lands that today form the Heredad, we already knew the centennial agricultural tradition that took place and some references of the vestiges that their walls were hiding. Evenly, we were aware of the value a privileged emplacement like that could pass on to the cava and wines. 50 years later we still being loyal to that foundational view: a view guided by the consistency and respect for the land, the landscape and the history that integrates the latest scientific knowledge in an environmental sustainable plan. Just so, we understand we can create the cava and wines in harmony of the Heredad.

It is time, therefore, to build on the attributes that we can incorporate into our wines and cava when we become aware of the characteristics of the landscape, of the uses of herbs that line our roads and fields, birds that go along with the grower while styling or the wildlife that visit us during the harvest nights.
A diverse mix of attributes that make up our wines with a unique personality and at the same time, perpetuating themselves the legacy we have inherited and projecting a future in harmony. This is our desire. This is our choice.

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