Gran Cuvée

D.O. Cava
Gran Cuvée Segura Viudas

Gran Cuvée Reserva is a new challenge for our winemakers. As the main objective, there is the desire to reflect our support to ancient local grapes like Macabeo and Parellada, our most delicate white grapes, and after blending nine different base wines, we add a minor quantity of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to contribute with their personality and good acidity. The final result is a fresh, elegant and complex creation, that will only be made when all the climate, soil and harvest conditions are aligned.

Macabeo and Parellada are picked by hand as they are the fruit of very old and traditional vines with a very low production and a lot of personality fruits. Macabeo brings fresh fruits, apples and pears. Parellada contributes with “finesse”, freshness, subtle and floral aromas which make the wine more distinctive and delicate. Chardonnay grapes come from younger vines trained in trellis. Chardonnay contributes with its aromas, body on the palate and crisp acidity. Pinot Noir grapes are picked by hand to avoid getting any pressure and any color extraction. As soon as the grapes arrive to the winery we press them immediately obtaining a Blanc de noirs. Pinot Noir brings tasty acidity and full-body.

First fermentation in tank, at low temperatures, from 14-16ºC with local, homemade and selected yeasts. Before bottling the wines to start the second fermentation in the bottle, Macabeo and Parellada wines remain together with their lees, doing the “bâtonnage”, mixing up the lees in a tank with the wine, improving the mouth feeling, the aromas and the ageing potential. The first and second fermentations are carried out using our own selected yeast strains. A minimum of 15 months ageing in contact with the lees, in conditions of total darkness and calm, 20 metres below ground and at a constant, natural temperature of between 14 and 16ªC. The dosage level was decided lower than usual to be able to enjoy the personality and the savoury flavour of the base wines.

This Cava is a fine balance of northern and southern influences expressed through our Mediterranean heartland, offering us a perfect combination of old vine Macabeo and Parellada which deliver fruit, elegance and finesse, beautifully harnessed with the richness of Chardonnay and the wild berry notes of Pinot Noir. It is a perfect marriage of soils, climates, grape aromatics and a finished wine which has been aged for 15 months in contact with its lees to produce a finished wine which is refreshing and fruity, rich and elegant creating perfect balance between fruit, structure, acidity and alcohol.

Complex in its harmonies, there is a stunning array of tastes and sensations, which make it a perfect match with all manner of fish dishes, Peruvian and Mexican ceviches from avocado based to highly spicy, soya cuisine, tempura, sauerkraut, braised meats and the most modern Sushi cuisine. Ideal too with sautéed or pickled cèpes, meat carpaccios, wild salmon, aged cheeses, and by no means least virgin olive oil cuisine.

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