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Xarel·lo Segura Viudas

Xarel·lo (Catalán pronunciation) is a white grape variety of Spanish origin specially grown in Catalonia. With Macabeu and Parellada, is one of the three traditional varieties used to make the Cava. It is now the flagship grape within the Penedés area as Xarel·lo wine can be strongly flavored, and is more aromatic than the other two Cava grape varieties. Its potential for ageing makes it the favourite for many winemakers. Segura Viudas was the first winery in 1996 to create a Xarel·lo varietal (Creu de Lavit). Since then, Xarel·lo has been the “trendy” grape in the area and it is now having the recogni- tion of some International opinion leaders. 

To prevent the process of dehydration and to maintain a balance between the solid and liquid elements of the grapes, as well as between sugar and acidity, we brought forward the harvest by 6 days from the date originally planned. Harvest started on 26th. August with the Macabeo. The health of the grapes was perfect due to the lack of rain. The wines have high aromatic intensity, and are full of flavour; the slight dehydration in the grape berries has brought about a greater concentration of aromas and of taste sensations on the palate. 

Harvested by hand to protect the grapes and transported to the winery in small plastic cases. Cold soak during 24 hours: The main advantage to cold-soaking white grapes is that allows for the diffusion of fruity aromas and aroma precursors from the grape skins, and contributes to the body and ageing potential of the wine. Soft pressing and fermentation at low temperatures to enhance varietal aromas. Once fermentation ends, the wine remains with its lees for 5 months to create a more complex wine. After that period, the wine is bottled offering a fresh, clean and sophisticated taste. 

Bright and pale yellow colour. Intense aroma of ripe fruit intense pineapple , peach and apple. Floral notes and a pleasant anise note. Juicy and tasty palate . Long acidity contributing to its freshness and balance.Good length and aftertaste of fruity peach and pineapple. 

A white wine, but with the soul of a red; our Xarel·lo simply is! For this reason it is perfectly at home with meat based pasta sauces and seafood. Grilled white meats too. Its acidity and intensity of flavour make it an ideal partner to oily fish: salmon, tuna or trout; as well as fish in creamy sauces. Or just to have a glass of a sublime, intensely refreshing wine. 

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