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  • Prep time:5 minutes

Ruby Velvet

What you willNeed


  • 1 part red beer
  • 1 part Segura Viudas
  • A slice of peach in syrup and a sprig of lemon thyme

The cava you need toGet for you cocktail

CavasD.O Cava

Organic Brut

Freshness and fun

Segura Viudas Organic Brut is created in perfect harmony with our responsibility to sustainability and centennial agricultural tradition.

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What you willNeed

Step by step

The original version of this cocktail (Black Velvet) was created in London’s Brooks’ Club to commemorate discreetly the death of Prince Albert, and is made with black beer (hence the name).

It is made in a beer glass, carefully adding the two ingredients very carefully, in equal proportions. The red beer contributes some quite sweet notes which work well with the preserved peach and thyme garnish.

Food pairing: caramel coated almonds’, cows cheese marinated in oil and thyme, peach cookies.

Time of day: mid afternoon.