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The mind behind the grape

Miquel Salarich

Miquel spent his youth amongst the vineyards. His early experiences with the vines were by his father’s side, farming the grapes that, once harvested, he and other neighbourhood children would stomp barefoot each year. These defining experiences led Miquel to continue his wine education.

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The grapes we use

The elixir of life

Indigenous grapes

Our premium quality wines are made from the finest grape varieties which are indigenous to the region.

In many areas of Spain, the rich heritage of indigenous varieties are being rediscovered. These had been forgotten, as the French varieties became fashionable in international markets.

We’re amazed at how these varieties behave: they adapt to climate change much better, allow more sustainable agricultural practices and give our wines authenticity.

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The origin

Our premium cava Our star selection

SV Heredad Brown Label Salud Table Backroung Website

Elegant & versatil

Brut Reserva Heredad

Premium cava

Hints of honey, fruit and petals make this cava the most iconic of the Segura Viudas winery. Savour its wonderful flavour in combination with pasta, white fish, meat, hams or cheeses.

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