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    • For brunch and “esmorçar de forquilla” (“fork breakfast”).
    • As a starter at a barbecue.
    • During lunch and dinner with your partner, family, and friends.
    • After a day at the beach.
    • At sunset.
    • To win somebody’s heart.
    • As a treat for yourself or others.

    Segura Viudas Rosé Delicacy and harmony

    CavasD.O Cava

    Brut Rosé

    Fresh & sophisticated

    Our Brut Rosé is a perfect example of what a Cava Rosado should be like, with its intense fruitiness on both nose and palate, its lively colour and its finesse.

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    The catalan “fork breakfast”

    Esmorzar de forquilla

    Esmorzar de forquilla (“fork breakfast”) is a traditional Catalán meal usually high in calories, enjoyed in the morning, before starting a physical activity like work or sport or during a break.

    It should be eaten while seated, using both hands and, as the name implies, a fork or a spoon. Quality (but not expensive) ingredients and traditional recipes distinguish a good esmorzar de forquilla, which requires cava (or another wine) and time… although esmorzar de forquilla arose from the need to face a working day, it’s highly recommended to prolong it until the afternoon.

    Enjoy it!