cava brut rose


Brut Rosé

  • 40% Trepat 40% Pinot Noir 20% Garnatxa
  • A minimum of 12 months

Tasting notes

Brut Rosé from Segura Viudas is a perfect example of what a Cava Rosado should be like, with its intense fruitiness, on both nose and palate, its lively colour, and its finesse. In the search for perfect balance between fruit and ageing, the blend for this rosado is made up of three black grape varieties: Trepat, Pinot Noir and Garnacha, each contributing their particular characteristics.

• Manel Quintana – Technical Director of Segura Viudas and Oenologist
• Ton Raventós – Head of Laboratory at Segura Viudas and Oenologist

In the cellar

Traditional skin maceration to create the colour and to extract the aromas of the grapes. The blend of the Brut Rosé is made from 7 separate wines from the three grapes. The first and second fermentations are carried out using our own selected yeasts. These yeasts give the finished wine its own identity.

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At the vineyard

Made from Trepat, Garnacha and Pinot Noir. The Trepat produces the freshness of fruit, the aroma and the finesse. The Garnacha enhances its taste. The Pinot Noir contributes the spicy touch and aromatic intensity. The Trepat is macerated for 24 hours at 12-14 ºC, the Garnacha is macerated for 12 hours at 16-18 ºC and the Pinot is macerated in the trailer during its journey to the winery.

Product Detail

  • Alcohol percentage % 12% vol

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Segura Viudas RoséDelicacy and harmony

Pair our cava with these recipes

The perfect combination

  • Mini quiche lorraine with asparagus and bacon.
  • Sauteed seitan, mushrooms shitakes and ginger.
  • Salmon escalop with mushrooms and prawns.
  • Fruit of the time and goat cheese skewers.

Love in our winemaking Process

A century heritage

Detail driven in our winemaking

The process of making each of Segura Viudas’ cava and wines involves time and people, but, above all, techniques and traditions that have been applied over the years. Discover them!

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