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  • Prep time:5 minutes

Barcelona Spritz

What you willNeed


  • 1 part Bitter Kas (or Campari)
  • 2 parts Segura Viudas Rosé
  • Redcurrants and a sprig of rosemary

The cava you need toGet for you cocktail

CavasD.O Cava

Brut Rosé

Fresh & sophisticated

Our Brut Rosé is a perfect example of what a Cava Rosado should be like, with its intense fruitiness on both nose and palate, its lively colour and its finesse.

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The preparationGuide

Step by step

It is made in a wine glass or a tumbler. This is a cocktail with origins in Northeast Italy, and exists in many versions. In this version, as well as the Bitter Kas and the Cava which inspires its name – Barcelona being the capital of Cataluña, the principal production for Cava, we add a sprig of rosemary and some redcurrants to add a touch of freshness and a lightly balsamic perfume.

Food pairing: goats’ cheese with redcurrant jelly, avocado on crackers, orange carpaccio with honey and pistachios.

Time of day: as an aperitif or at any informal moment.