Visit with "Calçotada"

Heredad Segura Viudas offers a wine tourism experience consisting on pairing our cavas with one of the jewels of the winter gastronomy: the calçots. This visit starts in the vineyards, where visitors are introduced to our methods of sustainable viticulture and the growing cycle of the vine in this natural environment that surround us all year round. Next stop is the winery, where visitors can know the details of the building and its history, and also the elaboration process of our cavas and wines.

Then, visitors can taste two of our products accompanied by some Catalan sausage (fuet), cheese and chips (the younger visitors may taste some must). Once the tasting is over, visitors will go to the Mirador de las Cavas to enjoy a generous calçotada, based on local products.



Estimated duration of the experience 

3 hours




€50,00 per person (VAT included)

Kids under 9 y.o.: €14,00 (VAT included)
9 to 12 y.o.: €23 (VAT included)
13 to 17 y.o.: €46 (VAT included)



Details and prices valid until 31/12/2019


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