2017: Short vintage of intense wines with huge potential

November 9, 2017

After an expected short harvest, characterized in addition by the diversity and severity of meteorological inclemencies that affected vine development, Miquel Salarich, Enology Director in Segura Viudas, confirms that 2017 wines are intense in flavors and aromas with a huge potential for ageing well, both sparkling and still wines. April and May -both crucial months for grapevine development- registered short precipitations; in addition, there was an unusual heat wave in June, which accelerated the vegetative cycle of the plant. In this situation, it was crucial to do a proper follow-up of the vine ripening, and to choose the optimum harvest time for each variety, as to preserve the best potential and freshness of the fruit. Winery saw 20% less of grapes than usual, but the fruit came in excellent phytosanitary situation, and showed high potential alcoholic strength. Under these conditions, the final wines would show aromas of full maturity, fruity flavors and moderately high acidity. Splendid conditions for ageing wines.

Historical harvest

Harvest of 2017 started on August 2nd being the first time in the story of the winery that it began that early, and It started by collecting Pinot Noir. Traditional varieties to produce Cava also advanced their harvest and the last Parellada's entered the winery by the end of September, almost fifteen days before to what we were used to.

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