Segura Viudas has been once again been recognised as a sustainable winery

May 20, 2019

Once again, Segura Viudas has been awarded the important environmental “Wineries for Climate Protection” (WfCP) certificate. This has been achieved thanks to the hard work carried out at our Heredad winery over the last few years to protect and promote the environment and its biodiversity. The WfCP certificate, something that we first received in 2017, is awarded by AENOR and has been developed by the Spanish Wine Federation (SWF). It positively evaluates all of the tasks carried out by the winery in order to combat climate change, and it categorises the winery in terms of its sustainability.

In order to achieve this certificate, we have improved our results across all four of the WfCP’s environmental pillars with the aim of reducing each of them by 20%. Specifically, we have reduced greenhouse gas emissions through the purchase of green energy and, so as to save energy, we have put together a plan to convert all of our conventional lighting systems to LED in addition to isolating all of the deposits that are used for wine cooling and must fermentation.

Regarding water management, we have put limits on the amount of watering needed for the gardens through the introduction of autochthonous bushes. Finally, and with the aim of reducing waste, we have optimised, among other things, our purifying processes so as to produce less muddy waste in our purification plant. With the renewal of our WfCP certificate, Segura Viudas has increased its dedication to protecting the environment with the implementation of a long term action plan with short term results.