Segura Viudas is certified as sustainable winery.

April 3, 2017

Years of efforts to protect and promote the environment and biodiversity in Heredad Segura Viudas have been recognized with the certificate Wineries for Climate Protection (WfCP). Certificate WfCP, promoted by the Spanish Wine Federation (FEV in Spanish) and audited by AENOR, evaluates positively the tasks done in the wine cellar to combat Climate Change, confirming Segura Viudas as a sustainable winery. In the last few years, Segura Viudas has reduced both emissions of greenhouse gases and generated residues. It has also improved energy efficiency and water management, betting on renewable energies. In addition to reducing the carbon and water footprint, Segura Viudas stimulates the biodiversity of the environment and promotes the connection between vineyard and the fauna and flora of the territory.

Segura Viudas, with this new WfCP certificate in hand, extends their commitment with the environment betting for a long-term action plan with short-term effects. One of the main goals is to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% in 2020. This recognition is added to the agreement about Custody the Territory with the international organization SEO/ BirdLife, which promotes an action plan as to know, catalogue and spread the biological diversity of the Heredad, especially regarding its population of birds.

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