Nature as the core for our Christmas campaing

March 24, 2017

“In Segura Viudas we are moved and inspired by nature, and so we put a lot of effort in documenting our environment's ecosystem in order to improve day per day its preservation and the way it is expressed in our cavas and wines”

This is how we begin our Christmas campaign, and here is how it was created.



November had already come at the Heredad Segura Viudas when we arrived by the morning. We had a clear objective: to paint a white canvas –where our Reserva Heredad was laying– with some of nature's treasures that can be found around the Heredad's paths, forests and vineyards. In just a couple hours, the saddlebags in our bikes were filled with fruits, leaves, feathers and mushrooms and, with a meticulous gaze and a steady hand, they slowly shaped into a layer of colour for our most emblematic cava.

When the vineyard leaves behind the warm temperatures and the hustle and bustle of the harvest season, a new season –key for the ecosystem's equilibrium– came by. While, in the cellars, the must is slowly being converted into Segura Viuda's wines and cavas, the fauna that inhabits the countryside enjoy a feast of wild berries provided by nature –in order to prepare for the cold weeks that are about to come. The vines still have some grapes, dismissed during the manual harvest, that now are offered as delicious sweets to foxes, badgers, wild boars, genets and other mammals, hidden in the leafy streams during daylight.

Inside the woods, blackthorns, dogwoods, hawthorns, ivies, mastics, and a whole lot of other bushes both nurture and protect the birds of the Heredad's environment. With Autumn, many migrating birds escaping from colder regions can rest in our forests, and thus the bird population notably increases during these months. Chaffinches, greenfinches, goldfinches, serins and other finches cohabit with local species like green woodpeckers, goldcrests, warblers or chiffchaffs, sharing the resources of this exceptional enclave.

If you want to know what an important role our natural environment plays during the making of our cavas and wines, don't hesitate and come to visit us. Our biologist will show you around, adapting the visit to the cycles of nature ,so that you can get in touch with the treasures of the Heredad's biodiversity at the specific day and time. You will also be able to taste the cavas and wines that are resting in our cellar, and enjoy them in a culinary menu with seasonal products.

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