We're declared 'Important Bird & Biodiversity Area'

March 22, 2017

As the result of agreement signed at the winery, Segura Viudas' estate has been classified as an entity of land custody and an Important Bird and Biodiversity Area (IBA) by the international organization SEO-BirdLife. With this partnership, Segura Viudas realizes one of its main mission statements: to appreciate, classify, promote and spread the knowledge of the Heredad's biological diversity. Always looking for harmony and balance between the agricultural work, the cava and wine production and the preservation of our rich environment, nurtured by the river Bitlles together with the vineyards and the northern Penedés woods. The agreement on land custody with SEO.Birdlife cristallizes the effort and determination for landscape and biodiversity preservation, particularly focused on the bird population of the Heredad. This document gives birth to a five-year-long strategic plan, unfolded in three main actions: identifying and classifying the bird population, creating new initiatives to promote biodiversity, and offering new activities and materials that can complement the wine-tourism visits while discovering the estate's natural treasures.

SEO-BirdLife and IBAs

SEO-BirdLife is a pioneer organization on nature and biodiversity preservation in Spain, and also the local branch (Sociedad Española de Ornitología) of the BirdLife International, a worldwide association with more than 13 million members and present in 121 countries. BirdLife's main goals and actions are the preservation of wild birds and their environments— as well as global biodiversity—; conducting scientific studies to increase knowledge concerning bird populations; and spreading respect and love for birds through environmental education, international cooperation and collaborating with voluntary and private programs —such as the IBAs and the land custody agreements.

SEO-BirdLife's custodies, such as the recently signed with Segura Viudas, it's a series of strategies and mechanisms for ongoing collaboration that involve the owners and users of the land with the preservation culture of natural, cultural and landscape values. This land custody agreements have become a big of a reference that, since 2007, it is the main example to follow by the Spanish law of Natural Heritage and Biodiversity.

Heredad's plan of action

The agreement between Segura Viudas and SEO-BirdLife calls for three main actions on the land: monitoring the biodiversity, promoting it, and preparing activities and materials to spread the respect for the heritage.
First of all, in order to effectively identify the estate's bird fauna, a five-year-long monthly census that will cover the four seasons is due. The census will follow the BirdLife International methodology, identifying the common birds during both the breeding and cold seasons, as well as the identifying the nocturnal birds. We will also measure how the grapes sweetness attract the birds during the harvesting season, as well as identifying the butterflies of the estate following the Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (BMS).

To promote the biodiversity, the actions performed during last years will be reevaluated —such as the installation of bird boxes and bird feeders and the replanting of indigenous species. New actions will be developed as well in order to improve the botanic and ornithological level of some of Heredad's areas.

The third and last branch of action will use the data collected during the census to design and implement activities to spread the natural values of the Heredad —complementing the wine-tourism visits. Some of the actions considered are the expansion of the ornithological routes in the Heredad, and the creation of new media and materials to spread the scientific information collected.


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