Heredad Segura Viudas’ nocturnal fauna

March 22, 2019

The Heredad’s landscape, fragmented by a great number of steep and leafy torrents of vegetation, provides refuge and security to move to many animal species, especially mammals.

With the aim of analyzing our natural surroundings with its fauna and in order to reinforce one of the fundamental pillars of our philosophy, the protection of biodiversity, Segura Viudas has been monitoring since 2016 the nocturnal activity of the fauna that lives in the estate installing camera traps that are sensitive to movement. The resulting videos give us information about the number of species that we can find and about their behaviour when they are moving, their eating habits and the way of relating to each other.

During these years of research it has been observed that when night falls, many mammals such as the fox, the wild boar or the badger are easy to observe in the vineyard’s margin. Moreover, the camera occasionally gives us images of a sneaky genet or a hidden marten, an indication that the natural environment of the Heredad is healthy.