Segura Viudas renews the Biosphere Sustainable Tourism Certification

February 20, 2019

The Biosphere label is a stamp of approval from the Institute of Responsible Tourism (IRT) that certifies that a company’s tourism activity is sustainable, voluntary and independent. The Biosphere project began in 2018, Segura Viudas already obtained the recognition then and has achieved its renewal for 2019.

The Biosphere commitment label certifies that Segura Viudas meets the objectives of tourism quality by incorporating its own criteria for sustainability such as: environmental conservation, protection of cultural heritage, socioeconomic development, labor equality, sustainable management and safety for the visitor.

Segura Viudas renews the Biosphere Certification

As such, we work hard on our wine tourism to guarantee an economic, social and environmental balance that satisfies the current needs of our visitors and that aims to help the company, society and the environment, protecting and improving all of our future prospects. Discover our complete sustainable wine tourism package at Heredad Segura Viudas.