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Garnacha Segura Viudas

Garnacha is one of the most widely planted red wine grape varieties in the world. It ripens late, so it needs hot, dry conditions such as those found in Spain, where the grape probably originated. Wines made from Grenache are lighter in acid, tannin and colour. It is generally spicy, berryflavoured and soft on the palate with a relatively high alcohol content. Garnacha is the grape responsible of producing some of the most expensive wines of Chateneuf du Pape or Priorat. But lately we have seen it on the market offering beautiful young and fresh wines, like the one we have produced at Segura Viudas. Garnacha has perfect conditions to grow in South of Catalunya, in Terra Alta, where the grapes of Viña Heredad come from. 

Winter was very dry, with mild temperatures, but with a very welcome frost on February 4th. In Spring, the drought became worse, with average temperatures higher than normal. In July there was a heatwave with top temperatures of 36ºC, and an average of 26ºC. These extreme conditions in the final months of the vintage year, brought about a reduction in acidity in the early ripening varieties. As a result the harvest itself was between 5 and 7 days earlier than in 2014. 

Cold soak during 24 hours: The main advantage to cold-soaking the grapes are to extract colour and flavour, in an aqueous environment, without extracting tannin. Fermentation at 20ºC to maintain all the aromas. Maceration for 30 days to enhance the body and structure. Ageing in oak casks for 2 months just to allow the lees to contribute an elegant oak flavour but letting the varietal aromas of the grape express. 

Red, of medium intensity, with purple notes of youth. Intense aromas of red and black fruits – ripe cherry and blackberry, along with some violet floral notes over a backdrop of pepper and cinnamon spices. The palate starts softly and tastily, with good acidity delivering a refreshing feel. Good length, and with a back palate again of ripe red fruits – cherry and pomegranate, and a light touch of liquorice. 

Our Garnacha is a magnificent expression of fine, ripe, Mediterranean black skinned fruit, and of liquorice. An expression of warmth and of friendship. It is a wonderfully versatile wine, understanda- bly at home with grilled red meats, with eastern or western takes on chicken, with Iberian which it matches with its toothsome flavours. With stews, light in summer, rich in winter, but also perfectly at home with blue fish, tuna fillet, salt cod, meat pastas, roast kid and suckling lamb – the list is endless! 

Tasting notes